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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are lessons?

Lessons are offered at 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.  The length is determined by the individual needs of each student, and is adjusted over time as necessary to meet the student's continuing needs.

Consistent contact with your teacher and consistent practice are two critical parts of learning to play an instrument well.  To assist in this process, I meet with each student at least once per week for a private lesson.  After each lesson the student has a clear set of practice goals to work on before the next lesson.

How often do we meet?

What if I miss a lesson?

I ask that any missed lessons be rescheduled.  I do my best to find a time that is convenient for you, and to make up the missed lesson as soon as possible. 

How often do I need to practice?

Students generally need to practice 5 or more days per week to make the most of their lessons.  Length of practices is determined by a student's level, age, and goals.  For practice tips and charts, click here

Do you teach music reading?

Absolutely.  In fact, I require that my students learn to read music.  It's a very valuable skill and it opens many opportunities for musicians.

What about music books?

I generally provide links for students and families to purchase books that are appropriate for a student's current level.  Books tend to cost about $8-$12 each.  For a beginner to start, books tend to be under $20 in total.  If you'd like to browse sheet music of all types or purchase additional books on your own, check out these fabulous websites: and

Do I need a piano at my home for practice?

Yes. You'll need an acoustic piano or a full size electric keyboard for lessons and for regular practice.  If you're looking for a keyboard, I recommend it be full size (88 keys) with weighted keys.  Please contact me for more information about options to buy or rent an instrument. 

How do I know if my piano needs tuning?

Generally pianos need to be tuned every 6-12 months. If your piano has just been moved, your tuner will probably recommend you let it settle in the new environment for a short period of time before having it tuned.

Can you recommend a piano tuner?

Yes!  I highly recommend Dennis Beck and Son.  Dennis has been tuning my pianos since I was a little girl.  His phone number is 805-578-9447.

What about Lesson Fees?

I offer competitive rates and several payment options. Please contact me for current rates. I always offer an initial trial lesson at half price. 



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What types of payment do you accept?

I accept payment through Zelle and Venmo.  I also accept cash and checks. 

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