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Student recitals are held twice a year -  once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  Currently, recitals are virtual.  Contact me for updates about returning to in person recitals. In preparation for a recital, I help each student choose and prepare their pieces.  I also teach them how to present themselves appropriately in a performance space, whether it be virtual or in person.  


There are many benefits to participating in recitals.  Aside from sharing their developing piano playing skills with family and friends, students find recitals very motivating and validating.  Recitals are not mandatory, but all students are encouraged to participate!

Piano Guild

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I am a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, which hosts yearly piano guild auditions nationwide. The Piano Guild is the teacher division of the American College of Musicians.  Membership allows my students the opportunity to participate in Guild Auditions each Spring.


If a student chooses to participate in Guild Auditions, he or she will be preparing and performing a program for evaluation by a well respected, highly accomplished judge.  The student and I select their program pieces according to Guild requirements for their current level.  Auditions generally require that students present pieces from several different periods of Classical music.  This is a great opportunity to learn more in depth about Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary styles of music.  

In preparation for an audition, I make sure each student's pieces meet Guild requirements. I help them to prepare diligently for their audition, as I want them to be as confident as possible on the day they perform!  After the audition, students are given report cards with valuable feedback from the judge about all aspects of their playing.  When passing the level they've entered at, they are given membership in the Piano Guild for the year!  Please touch in with me if you'd like to consider participating in next year's auditions. 

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