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When we study music, we learn about life, and we learn about ourselves. Discipline, problem solving, perseverance, and improved auditory and memory skills are just a few of the benefits of music education. Below are some links to a few great articles on the subject, and a few fun, inspiring links.

Benefits of Music Education

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I am currently loving this TED Talk that addresses the history of classical music, and the profound meaning it can have for us.  I hope both students and parents will take a look at it: 

Students, parents, everyone!...I saw these amazing musicians perform at the Ventura Music festival this summer.  They met at Juilliard, developed this fantastic style of playing as a duo, and currently record and perform internationally.  Next time they come to the area, I will highly recommend that all of my students see them live!  In the meantime, here's a piece of their work: 

Increased confidence is just one of the benefits of taking music lessons. This article discusses several others...

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Establishing consistent practice patterns is essential in learning to play an instrument.  I teach students ways to practice, and help them stay motivated by setting practice goals each week.  In this article, the dean of USC Thornton School of Music shares some great ideas about additional practice methods: 

Students: click here to see fun options for weekly practice charts

and read great practice tips!

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