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"We are so glad we found Katie!  My daughter had a few different teachers before her and never seemed to really fall in love with playing piano until she was practicing regularly with Katie.  Katie is fun, gentle and kind in her teaching, always on time, and very committed to making sure we have regular, consistent lessons.  After a couple of years of her working with my daughter, we are now happy to have her teaching our younger son as well!  He loves it and asks me every day when his next lesson is!  We love Katie and highly recommend her!" - Julie W. (parent)

"My kids have been taking lessons from Ms. Katie for 10 years.  They have developed impressive skills with her guidance, and they continue to appreciate music.  She is patient and kind, both an amazing teacher and pianist.  We are lucky to have found her!"

 - L. Markus (parent)

"Ms. Katie has transformed our completely novice ten year old son into an interested, dedicated piano student who truly enjoys his practices, lessons, and recitals.  She challenges and rewards with a very personal touch and Kevin responds beautifully.  He has great plans to continue improving which we, as parents, fully endorse and enjoy.  Thank you, Ms. Katie." - Jim R. (grandparent) and Kathie L. (parent)

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